Check LIC Policy Status Online

Steps to check Status of LIC Policy Online?

Currently, policies are available in different kinds and they are beneficial to the owner in a wide array of ways. Buying a policy is a big step. Most of the people are ignorant about these policies and they also do not know about checking the status of these policies. They have to rely on their insurance agents for all that information that is necessary to know about the status of the policies. The agent is no longer responsible for offering LIC policy updates. A policyholder can check the status of the policy on his own while sitting in the comfortable confines of his home at any time of the day. This service has brought a relief to many policyholders who were earlier dependent only on the agents for any information regarding their policies. Now, this service has been offered by the official LIC site.
Read this post to know more about the status of LIC Policy Online. This can be done by using policy number. There are several ways to check the status of LIC policy using an online method. Internet is the simplest way to look for this information. The site needs to be visited and policy details needs to be entered. Since you are the policy bearer, you can check the status of your policy at any time till it matures.

Step-by-step method for online status checking of LIC Policy Using Policy Number

In order to check the status of your LIC Policy, you need to follow a simple step-by-step process. These steps are as under-

  • The first step entails logging on to the LIC’s official site. This site is
  • Once site’s home page is opened, you need to register on this site. This simple process of registration is finished in a matter of few seconds. Details need to be filled in the required fields to complete the process of registration.
  • After registration process gets over, you can post any query regarding your policy. Several options will be displayed on the site and the operation will be directed in the direction requested. You can select any option as per your requirement and the status of the LIC Policy held by you can be checked.
  • Policy Number needs to be entered and after this has been done, the owner of the policy will get all policy details showing its current status. The status will show you whatever you want to know about the policy.


Several required fields are displayed on the official site and after they are filled you can know about LIC Policy status. The site is simple, user friendly and easy to navigate. Now, one need not rely on his insurance agent to know about the status of LIC Policy. It can be done on one’s own, without leaving the comfortable confines of their homes.